Alila Horizon

Alila Horizon Condo in Tanjung Bungah.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Horizon Condo is sited on elevated land within the cool green hills with the benefit of fresh and serene hill atmosphere and the ambience of a tropical garden village.

ALILA possesses many distinctive qualities including an ideal fengshui position with its back to the hill slope while facing the sea. A small enclave of garden and condominium, ALILA features a rich fusion of Asian rural architecture styles to create a new contemporary tropical living experience.

The Condo on the top-floor of Horizon building B is available for rent for a minimum 3 year period.


Welcome to Alila Penang, welcome to a FengShui life style

For Rent 

  1. -Alila Horizon Condo

  2. -Top-Floor 19th.

  3. -Incl. Rooftop ‘Garden’

  4. -Incl. 2 Car parks


  1. -Grand Kitchen

  2. -Rooftop Terrace

  3. -Semi Furnished

  4. -           or          -

  5. -Flexible Furnished

For more information:

Paul de Kruyff